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General Surgery

Never get turned away

Welcome to Chivi District General Surgery. The Hospital has 2 theaters which are Major and Casualty theaters


  1. Minor procedures ; basic suture of cuts, lacerations
  2. IND’s
  3. Evacuation of miscarriages
  4. POP manipulation of fractures, removal of foreign bodies


  1. Cesarean sections
  2. Ectopic pregnancy operation
  3. Total and subtotal hysterectomy
  4. Hydrocelectromy
  5. Operation for testicular torsion
Other Specialist Services

At Chivi District Hospital we are dedicated to our patients recovery and any special needs . With a capacity of 106 beds we are sure to never turn away anyone needed our help

We also offer other specialist services including, total abdominal hysterectomies, higher order C-sections and General surgery services

Our general surgery covers, hernia repairs, hysterectomies, and removal of masses.